Magian Design Studio is committed to creative excellence applied to devising
elegant, effective and integrated digital media communications for the
cultural heritage, science, education, theme park and environmental sectors.

Magian delivers all aspects of multimedia design, production and implementation to the cultural sector internationally. We design and produce digital media projects for museums and science centres, zoos and aquariums, educational and other institutions.
We have extensive experience working with interactive multimedia for touchscreens, multitouch walls and theatres, on-line media, smartphone apps, software development, interpretive content development, video, audio and soundscapes, print graphics and the integration of media into exhibition design.
We consider collaboration a core value. We work closely with our clients, with exhibit designers and architects to design and develop media exhibit concepts, content, and technical infrastructure to produce the very best results using the most appropriate technologies within available budgets.
The wide range of skills and experience at Magian enables us to design for integrated projects from conceptual design to technical engineering, from pre-production to commissioning, and post installation support.

Our Services

Designing multimedia for exhibitions

Magian has many years of experience designing multimedia for exhibitions. Our designers pay close attention to sympathetically integrating media experiences into the exhibition design. We support of interpretive messages by weaving media into other forms of communication both to accommodate the wide variety of learning styles layeringvisitors bring to their exhibition experience and to enrich the messages.

Multimedia Concepts

Magian has more than 30 years of international experience designing media for exhibitions. We work across a wide range of media and types of public spaces within the cultural and heritage sector. Magian is able to contribute at a significant depth to project teams working to develop exhibit media concepts for museums and similar institutions.

Graphical interface design

Our graphic interface designers pay careful attention not only to usability but also to producing interfaces that are beautiful to look at and a pleasure to work with.

Technical infrastructure design

Magian is practiced at reviewing the technical infrastructure requirements of exhibitions under development and defining their suitability to the context, for the future, the budget and those entrusted with managing them "after the champagne has been polished off".

Specialist software research and design

Magian software developers are experts at finding creative solutions to make the intentions and aspirations of those envisioning media experiences possible. They also develop solutions that are practical and robust to serve the needs of visitors.

Our Staff

Gillian Chaplin and Les Gilbert constantly work to push the boundaries around visitor experiences. They are supported by a strong team of software and technical developers, graphic designers, audio engineers and videographers. Magian also works with a trusted group of content developers and project managers who join our project teams depending on the necessary specialist requirements of specific projects.
We have specialist knowledge of museums and similar institutions and the processes they go through to create public exhibitions. We have experience and expertise gained working in museums, zoos, aquariums and other interpretive institutions around the world. We have completed a great variety of international projects in many different cultures and countries.
Over the twenty-five years that we have been working with clients on four continents and in many countries, Magian has always had a team of dedicated people working to deliver interesting, and often ground-breaking projects. Our company has gathered a broad understanding of the possibilities for media in public places.
The people at Magian can take a media project from inception through to final implementation and post-commissioning support. All design considerations are accounted for to ensure that a project's creative vision as well as its budgets and schedules are met. Typically one of our team members will be a national who speaks the language and can assist us culturally when we work on projects that do not have English as the first language.