Magian Design Studio has a long history of working on projects that require a combination of creative and technical innovation.
Over the years we have developed a broad and expert knowledge of robust and effective hardware and software solutions. Magian has particular skill in applying technological advances to the requirements of storytelling.
Similarly our expertise working with the various areas of media production – interactive, linear and online – is strongly cross-referenced. We often implement complete turn-key projects for which we design and produce all media for large exhibitions or entire institutions. At other times we may develop a single program for a touchscreen, video or website.
  • Video
    Built Environments
    We integrate video projections into the built environment or within the exhibition design.
  • Touchscreen
    Barcode & RFID support
    Readers beside touchscreens allow visitor experiences to be personalised and to be accessible at home.
  • Touchscreen
    Video recording stations
    Visitors make recordings about their feelings and ideas and email the video directly from the touchscreen.
  • Touchscreen
    Multi-user programs
    Networked touchscreens allow for energetic collective interaction between visitors at exhibitions.
  • Touchscreen
    With interactive games
    Interactive activities embedded in touchscreens provide visitors with intuitive access to complex ideas.
  • Touchscreen
    Embedded in theming
    Touchscreens embedded within exhibition furniture can enhance visitor engagement with the content.
  • Touchscreen
    Databases in Exhibits
    Database programs (with seating) can be space efficient and effective for content-rich stories.
  • Touchscreen
    Museum Collections
    Touchscreen programs can provide access to digital versions of rich museum collections.
  • Touchscreen
    Underwater Camera Control
    Visitors control pan, zoom and tilt functions of cameras mounted underwater in aquarium tanks.
  • Theatre
    System & Program Control
    Story-telling and operational management are supported by staff-controlled hand-held devices.
  • Theatre
    Presentations & Lectures
    Hand-helds allow educational site staff to commandeer exhibit screens to enrich guided tours in exhibitions.
  • Theatre
    Multiple projections
    A touchscreen allows visitors to select from a number of video programs delivered via multiple projections.
  • Theatre
    Multi-player experiences
    Enclosed spaces for innovative visitor experiences – like this simulation of the Stock Exchange.
  • Theatre
    Group Interactivity
    Interactivity, supported by hand-held devices, give facilitators and visitors insights into complex ideas.
  • Theatre
    Facilitated Programs
    A facilitator manages a theatrical video which provides a back-drop for conversations about ideas.
  • Theatre
    Dual-screens with controls
    Staff manage program and technical functionality (and projector bulb life) using iPod Touch controllers.
  • Touchscreen
    Presentation control
    Presenters use a control screen to access multiple cameras, remote live feeds, a video database and more.
  • Audio
    Multi-channel, randomised soundscapes create rich environments as volume levels adjust to crowd density.
  • Social Media
    Access from Exhibits
    Social media incorporated into touchscreen programs encourages communication about ideas between visitors.
  • Smartphone Apps
    Personal access
    Downloadable smartphone apps provide species ID, site maps, photo-overlays and games to heighten understanding.
  • Multitouch
    Interactive Tables
    Multitouch tables provide an engaging interactive experience for multiple visitors
  • MMaPS
    Magian Software Solution
    MMaPS is a digital assets content management system with integrated multi-format multimedia publishing.
  • Audio
    Listening Chairs
    'Listening chairs' give visitors an opportunity to be captivated by a vivid aural experience.
  • Tablet Application
    Presentation control
    Presenters are able to control the functionality of a digital presentation using this tablet application.
  • Tablet Application
    Listening Chair Control
    A tablet fixed to the armrest of a 'Listening chair' allows visitors to be lost in a rich aural experience.
  • Tablet Application
    A useful delivery point for catalogue-type information particularly in art or collection rich exhibitions.
  • Tablet Application
    Artists Activity
    This app provides visitors with a visceral sense of the intellectual or emotional intent of a body of work.
  • Digital Signage
    Visitor information
    Digital signage in public places is easily updateable to provide events and ticketing information.
  • DiAC
    Magian software solution
    DiAC is a software system used in exhibits to manage soundscapes & audio. It also works as a show control system.
  • Communication
    Educator - Diver Controls
    Systems facilitate educator communication with divers in response to dialogue with visitors in aquariums.
  • Email
    Email from Exhibits
    Visitors interact with exhibition content or offer feedback by emailing from touchscreen programs.
  • Video
    Specialist housings
    Encasing video screens can be effective but care needs to be paid to ventilation and access for maintenance.
  • Video
    Outdoor Projections
    Outdoor projection requires more specialised hardware and some attention to shading from direct sunlight.
  • Video
    Integrated video exhibits
    We integrate video projections into the exhibition design or within the built environment.
  • Video
    Edge Blending
    Software solutions make the development of significantly wider screens much smoother and easier.
  • Website
    Build an archive
    An online archive builds as content, drawn from changing exhibition content, is mirrored on this website.
  • Website
    Content from Exhibits
    Websites bring visitors to exhibition experiences and content that is otherwise geographically remote.
  • Website
    Telling Stories
    The graphical interface for this website represents the pathway and tells the story of an epic journey through central Africa.
  • Multitouch
    Interactive Wall
    An interactive wall provides multiple opportunities for visitors to interact with rich and engaging content.
  • Website
    As resources
    Encyclopedic, educational content from historic sources informs users about a significant historic period.